Frothlyf was conceived on the dance floor of house party in 2013 in EXACTLY the same way we met many of you legends… 
It all kicked off with those CRAZY love heart shades. We started off cruising around festivals & parties showing people on the dance floor. It’s always been such a pleasure accomodating trips albeit legal ones at that haha.
Once we moved to Melbourne in late 2014 we found a new level & started smashing club nights with the brand @ Can’t Say & World Bar among others.. We were still deep into DJing at the time so rocking it behind the decks seeing punters in the front row c00kin’ it in our trips was all time!!! Words cannot describe.. 
Off the back of this we officially discovered zie doof. Melbourne doofs are just on another level! We cruised through these mind-blowing places with our famous ‘Smurf Case’ gypsy sellin’ froths on the DF (with the occasional cheeky nang) haha shoutout to the homies who remember this time it was an INSANE amount of fun!!! :P 
We knew festivals was where we were meant to be so we kicked off the festival store stocking a wild variety of festival themed vintage alongside the trips and our custom range of disco robes.
The earliest festivals we hit up were Psyfari, Rabbits Eat Lettuce & Yemaya. Big up to these legends for giving us a shot!! 
Since then we’ve done pretty much every type of festival you can imagine!!! 
Rainbow Serpent, Strawberry Fields, Laneway Festival, Beyond The Valley, Strawberry Fields, Groovin The Moo, Subsonic, Babylon, Pitch Music & Arts, Yours & Owls Festival, Mountain Sounds, Secret Garden, St Kilda Fest, Return To Rio, Petting Zoo, Freedom Time, Ability Fest, Earthcore, Party In The Park, Claptone Masquerade plus many many many more… 
All the experiences we’ve had with you guys over the years have been phenomenal!!! Thank you thank you thank you. 
Pretty crazy to think this crazy ride has led to us opening a freaking store in Fitzroy!!! 
(holy shit)
Thanks so much for all the love & support. We couldn’t of done it without you <3
Come visit us sometime!! 


x x FROTHLYF x x 




We had this mate around the time we started the brand who used to say ‘froth’ about eeevvveerrrryyyyythingggggggg hahaha “froth this” froth yeah” “froth that”. 
He was the most stoked on life guy we’d ever met so decided that froth envisioned the good time that we wanted the brand to portray. 
Oh and the ‘LYF’ bit means ‘life’ lol 

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